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Dear the Highest One

Dear God,

We haven’t talk in awhile. i remember back then when i was a little girl. i used to talk to you everyday in every chance for everything that were happening in my life.But now it seems that i have walked too far from You .. now i need you back into my life, not that i have a big problem in my life . But i just need to search for someone or something to talk to. and as far as i know, You got the highest position inside and outside of Universe, and that makes You the right one for me to talk to.

It is not a big secret anymore that people look for You when they are facing troubles in their life. and i will not deny the fact that i need you to help me right now. it is the matter of my mind and my feeling about all the matters that are happening around me right in this very moment.

I am confused God,

I need You to stay beside me and talk to me, i feel like the whole world is becoming one big mess right now.

Are You angry? I know, a lot of us forget about You. They have forgotten the most important thing in our life is to be thankful to You, to seek You in every trouble, To pray for You and to have Hope and Faith in You. even though we have different believes , some people kneeling to pray, some people clap their hands to talk to You in a high tone, some people sing to You.. and some other people have their own ways to reach You,but the most important thing is to believe in You,isn’t it?

I remember one night when i got nothing to believe to, when i was a mess, when i cried so hard and i got no one to talk to. I remember You.. and then I tried to talk to You. and suddenly this peaceful feeling came crawling down into my mind. And in my heart i felt so regretful that i have forgotten about You. And from that moment on, i keep You in my heart, I keep talking to You about every single things that are happening to me, my sad and happy moments, I shared them all with You.

God, I’m writing this down so that You will know how much I appreciate You, and how much I love You. and I want people to believe in You again. So that maybe one day You will be able or You will gladly help us to get through all these mess and sadness that are happening around us right now.

And one more thing,I want to thank you for this gift of life,thank you for always be there for us whenever we need You. Thank You for being the air that i breathe and for being every beat of our hearts. Thank You for being everything.

sincerely yours,always and forever


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